Questions that get asked ~frequently~

Screen Printing Related

Why is screen printing better than any other printing method?

Screen printing allows a much higher quality print versus digital printing than digital prints.

Not only is the ink application more direct and thicker than digital printing, you are able to match the color exactly, producing vibrant colors that look better, more durable, and last longer over time.

What items can you screen print on?

You can screen print on ~just about~ anything, ask long as it has a flat surface.

We primarily print on apparel and flat stock items (posters), but you can also print on skateboards, boxes, yoga mats, etc. If you’re not sure, just ask us at

What garments do you use?

Anything you like! We have our personal favorites from economical to high end, even luxury quality. So depending on availability, we can get about anything.

Order minimums

For the best pricing we set our order minimums at 50+ products, but can sometimes take smaller orders up to 25 products however the price will be dramatically higher.

For clients with fulfillment and online stores, we do offer Print on Demand services.


Of course you want to know this one! Pricing is determined on a few factors:

  • Garment pricing
  • Type of garment
  • Number of colors in the design
  • Number of placements
  • Any retail finishing (relabeling, tagging, bagging, etc)
  • Number of garments

What are your turnaround times?

Turnaround times demand on the amount of materials.
For small orders, we can process them around 3-7 days. For orders over a 1,000 we like to give a timeline of 7-14 business days. We also offer rush processing for under 3 days at 1.5-2x the rate for those last minute requests.

Do you do Print On Demand? (POD)

Yes, for our Online Stores and Fulfillment clients we offer print on demand services after* doing a short run of each product.

Fulfillment/Drop Shipping

How do I get started with fulfillment and drop shipping?

Just send us a message on our contact form. We can add fulfillment on to your future orders or have your products shipped from our warehouse processed by our fulfillment team.

What are the costs for fulfillment?

Price is determined by the type of products being delivered. For in-house items prices range from $2-5 per item. For external items no offered in-house, price is determined by the size of the product and volume being shipped.

Storage fees?

If you’re shipping more than 100 items per month, we don’t have a storage fee. <100 orders per month incrues a storage fee of $50+ per month based on the amount being stored. We don’t hold slow moving items for a long period of time (over 3 months).

Online Stores

What is offered with the Online Stores?

With our Online Stores, we design your merch website through our creative agency Mello, so you’re guaranteed to get a uniquely branded site. With our online stores, besides the store itself we handle printing, support, and fulfillment.

These are best for brands, artists, and businesses looking for the benefits of a merch store without the added hassle. That gives you more time to focus on what you do best!

How long does it take?

The process for building your online store, producing your initial merch, and setting you up for fulfillment takes about two to four weeks.

How do we get started?

To get started, send us a message on our contact form or book a time to chat more about it here.