Cooking Up Some

Custom Screen Printed Merch

Whether it’s some screen printed shirts, poster prints, embroidered hats, or some fully custom and unique merch – we’ll make it happen.

Turn your brand into a fashion label

Not only can your customers and fans enjoy your brand, now they'll be proud to where it everywhere they go. Add even more detail with custom woven labels.

*Why screen print?
Screen printing allows for more vibrant colors and higher quality printing versus digital printing as it uses exact color matching via Pantones.

If you can think it, we can ~probably~ screen print or embroider it

From bandanas to blankets, cannabis grinders to poster prints - there are so many things that we can screen print on to create some really cool and unique items.

Printing Items

Some ideas of stuff we can screen print or embroider:


• Shirts
• Hats
• Hoodies
• Tanks
• Jackets
• Shoes
• Masks


• Tote bags
• Poster prints
• Bandanas
• Blankets
• Backpacks
• Fanny packs
• Keychains
• Stickers


• Cannabis grinders
• Smoking accessories
• Wood items
• Metal items
• Booths
• Cups
• Plates