About Mello Printing

We’re a team of designers who have a keen attention to detail and a true love for quality crafted products.

We were sick of unreliable shops and poor quality

In our time as a creative agency, we had to deal with a ton of unreliable merch providers who were late, provided poor quality, or frequently overcharged – which is a poor look for recommending to clients.

So with a background in screen printing, we decided to take those services in-house to be a reliable and quality source for screen printing and merch for brands, bands, and artists.

We're here to be your reliable source

Whether it’s running your online merch store, printing your products, sourcing materials, or some fresh designs – we’re here to be your all-in-one solution for you and your customers.

No more merch that says “~oof~, no way I can share this with my customers”. If the quality isn’t there, we redo it. No question about it, as a design led team – you can have peace of mind knowing we’ll triple check our work before sending out.